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If you are not the lead dog, the scenery never changes!

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You’re the best?

We’ll be honest. Everyday a new hot shot sales person is telling someone they are the best in the business… and everyday that person takes home a smaller check than the others… If you’re the best, prove it and get:

  • Unlimited Earning Potential ... No minimums, No Maximums, No quotas
  • $300 to $11,200 Per Sale
  • An Override Structure Better Than ANYTHING Out There.
i can prove it!

Time to Change Your Yard!

You obviously know how to close sales… but are you working with a company that truly appreciates your efforts? And by appreciated, we mean being paid what you’re worth. Here, that means the absolute highest commissions.

I Deserve More!

You decide the amount of time and effort you expect to give this opportunity.

You decide when and where you want to work to grow your new business.

You decide how much is enough and how hard you will need to work to get there.

You decide the people you want to work with to grow and expand your marketing.

Basically, the only thing you don’t decide is who gets the top sales trophy… or do you?

Learn From


You know those scenes in movies where they sliiiide the offer across the table, then the other person looks at the offer and knows they can’t beat it… That’s what this is.

You aren’t going to beat this offer. A bad week here is a great week at other places. It’s time to get paid what you are worth.

I'm Worth It!

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No one gets left behind with daily sales calls available.


Imagine a system sending hundreds or emails and texts on your behalf each day.


Get access to our custom CRM to manage your leads


Take advantage of the absolute best compensation plan on the market today.


This is Nate

Nate is the number one earner in our group of Independant Marketers for several years. He earns over $1 million a year in commissions on his own personal sales. However, he is not developing a team of marketers.

This is my challange to you:

Beat Nate's success

Let me at him!


Real Estate

You know that getting access to the right education is a number one priority when looking to get started in Real Estate Investing. That’s why we use the top experts in their fields to bring you the most relevant and up to date info about investing in today’s changing market.

Independent Marketing

We understand that getting started as an investor can be a scary thought if you don’t have the ability to create extra income along the way. That’s why we have the absolute best marketing opportunity for our group that allows you to earn an extra stream of income while you learn.

Business & Entrepreneurship

 We don’t just TEACH Real Estate Investing…We CREATE Real Estate Investors.
Our content doesn’t focus solely on the strategies of real estate, but also on the business and entrepreneurship skills needed to become successful in today’s world.

Coffee’s for closers

Grab a Cup

Most sales reps have to be constantly reminded that they are playing a game of averages… Closers like you know the game and have learned to make your own rules.

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